Perguntas frequentes

Você tem dúvidas sobre nossos serviços de viagens? Você está no lugar certo! Nossa seção de perguntas frequentes está aqui para fornecer respostas rápidas e úteis para dúvidas comuns.

Perguntas frequentes

Will I receive a ticket from Low Cost Airlines?

Most Low-Cost Airlines do not send out tickets/e-tickets but will email you a booking confirmation with airlines PNR which you will use to check-in with instead.

How will I receive my ticket?

Your ticket is electronic (e-ticket) and will be sent to you via e-mail. At the airport, you will only need to go directly to the check-in counter of the airline holding your identity card or passport.

What should I do if I lose my tickets?

Your tickets are electronic (e-ticket), therefore even if you lose the e-mail that we have sent you, there is no problem.

In which currency can I pay my tickets at

On we support various currencies. You can select the currency of your choice from a menu on top of the screen (next to the language). Your card will be charged with the total price you see on our website. Please note that your bank or payment system may apply their own inter-bank exchange rates, foreign currency transactions or service fees on top of the prices you see on our website.

How do I travel with electronic ticket (e-ticket)?

The electronic ticket is particularly convenient since it confirms the purchase of a ticket without the need of any printed document. The airline with which you travel, stores all the details of the ticket in its central system of reservations. This means that you don' t have to show a printed ticket in order to get on the plane and you won't have to worry about forgetting or losing your ticket (since it is not the traditional paper ticket). Having an electronic ticket, allows you to go directly to the check-in counter holding your passport or identity card and a copy of the e-mail booking confirmation (the copy of the e-mail will the agent of the airline to locate your seat faster).

How can I print a copy of my e-ticket?

From retrieve booking on top of the screen (before the language) and then you need to enter the booking number which start with AFT. and last name of traveler

Can I make ticket reservations both for domestic and international flights?

Yes, you can select flights from any airport to everywhere in the world.

What is an e-ticket?

Electronic ticket or 'e-ticket' is a paperless ticketing system whereby the ticket is held in the airline's database. It contains all the information shown on a paper ticket, so we are not sending you the actual ticket via email but only the information you need at the check-in and it is stored as an electronic record in the airline's computer system. When the e-ticket has been issued, the passenger needs to print out their ticket showing the booking reference. At the departure airport, the passenger goes straight to the airline check-in desk.E-tickets cannot be lost or be used by anyone else, so they are safer than standard paper tickets.

What is the option +/- 3 days?

Selecting this particular useful option, you can find the cheapest flight within a range of 3 days before and 3 days after the dates of departure and return that you have selected. After selecting the price in which you are interested, all the possible combinations of flights which correspond to these dates and this price will be presented.
Note** this option not available for low cost Airlines

Passenger age groups

During the search procedure, you will have to select the number of passengers who will travel, from each age category. You may include up to 9 passengers per reservation.
The categories are the following ones:
- Adults: Passengers 12 years old or older.
- Children: Passengers from 2 to 12 years old. Tickets for unaccompanied children, younger than 12 years old, cannot be booked via (online).
- Infants / Babies (without seat) are considered the passengers below 2 years old.
Every passenger, older than 12 years old, may escort a baby in his arms.
Just keep in mind that some flights do not offer special prices for children and/or babies.
In this case you will need to issue an adult ticket for your child and/or infant.

Unaccompanied children

In case your children (2-11 years old) need to travel unaccompanied, we recommend you to contact us by phone. We cannot issue tickets for unaccompanied children via (online). Some general rules for unaccompanied children are the following ones:
Children older than 5 years old can usually travel unaccompanied on a direct flight or on a flight with correspondence (however they cannot fly with the last correspondence flight of the day). The exact age for which this policy applies, varies from airline to airline therefore we strongly recommend that you contact directly the specific airline in order to be further informed. A lot of airlines offer escort service (usually by a flight attendant) for minors travelling alone.
Children under 5 years old, cannot travel unless they are accompanied by an older passenger (who must be usually older than 15 years old). A lot of airlines may charge an extra fee for the children escort service. The airlines usually need to know who will receive the unaccompanied child and an identity card demonstration is required at the reception of the child. Possible unability of identification card demonstration may cause delay on the procedure, that is why we highly recommend you that you previously consult the specific requirements of each airline. In any case it is essential that you communicate with the airline before booking any ticket for an unaccompanied child.

Discounts for infants and children

A lot of airlines offer discounts for infants and children. These discounts may vary depending on the company, the flight and the seat availability.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Right after the completion of the reservation procedure on our web page, a success page will be displayed on your screen and a booking reservation e-mail will be sent to you containing all the information regarding your reservation and once your payment has been processed & verified. We will send you a 'booking confirmation' e-mail. This contains:
Your booking reference number
Your flight details
Your e-ticket or PNR in case of Low Cost Carriers (some not all)
Please be informed that we reserve the right to cancel the booking and refund the amount paid, and we reserve the right to adjust prices and taxes before the ticket has been issued if this is considered necessary

Do I have enough connection time between my flights?

The minimum connecting time is the standard amount of time needed to make a connecting flight at a particular airport. This standard is determined by the air traffic conferences and varies according to the airport and the airline. The connection times we offer on our website are in accordance with these standards, so you don't have to worry about them.
In the event that your flight is delayed, causing you to miss your connecting flight, it is the airlines responsibility to rebook you on the next available flight. Should there not be other flights that day the airline should offer you accommodation. This is only valid if your journey was booked on one ticket.
Meals and transport should also be offered by the airline if the waiting period is long.

Can I travel from one destination and return from/to another?

Absolutely you can do that by using multi-city option.

Can I make a reservation for more than 9 passengers in the same booking?

It is not possible to book more than 9 people at the same time. BUT you can make two separate reservations on the website. Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that there will still be seats available when you make the second reservation as you might have grabbed the last seats with your first booking.

Can I book a flight with an outbound departure from another country than the one I am presently situated in?

Yes, you can book tickets between any two cities across the globe.

Can I book flights for unaccompanied minors on

We cannot book flights for unaccompanied minors under the age of 12 years, however you may be able to book through the airlines directly.

What should I do if I don't receive an e-mail after the completion of the reservation process?

In case you don't receive any mail within an hour from the completion of the reservation process please contact us at +9714454 2466 .

What can I do if I don't remember the number of my reservation?

Don' t worry about that, we can find your reservation using your surname, e-mail or other details given to our system during your reservation.

Can I add a passenger to an existing booking?

We're unable to add another passenger to an existing or confirmed booking. You will need to make a new booking for the additional traveller. For the new booking, we cannot guarantee the same price as your original booking.

How do I travel with an infant / request a baby basket?

Children under the age of 2 will not get their own seat. They will have to sit on an adult's lap. Most airlines offer baby baskets to be requested on long haul flights.

Should I check-in online?

Online check-in allows you to save time at the airport by checking in via the airline's website. Please note that online check-in is not supported by all airlines.

How much time prior to the flight departure should I be at the airport?

How early you need to check-in varies by airline, departure airport and destination. However, the following are general guidelines if you're checking-in baggage:
International Flights: check-in at least 3 hours before departure
European Flights: check-in at least 2 hours before departure
Domestic Flights (i.e. flights within the same country): check-in at least 90 minutes before departure We recommend that you check-in online where applicable to save yourself time.
You should aim to be in the departure hall in good time for boarding which usually begins 60 minutes prior to departure. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete all check-in formalities and security screening. Remember that airport security is extremely thorough and this can cause delays in reaching your desired boarding gate. Some airports are large enough where it takes anywhere between 15 - 20 minutes to reach the boarding gate.
Please keep in mind that you will need enough time until you pass the security controls especially during peak periods.

What kind of documents should I carry when I travel?

If you are a Schengen Zone citizen and you travel within Schengen Zone you just have to hold your identity card (your name should be written with Latin letters). While your id is enough for you to travel, passports are more common to use while travelling. If you travel outside Schengen Zone, you necessarily need your passport, while your ticket of return and visa may be essential also. We recommend you to consult the embassy of the country that you will visit, in order to be sure of which are the essential travel documents that you will need. Even if our travel consultant may inform you regarding the need of Visa issuing for a certain country, such reminder is not an obligation of ours.

What do I do if my name is misspelled on the booking?

Most airlines allow for minor corrections to misspelled names (e.g. Ahmed/Ahmad, Mohamed/Mohammad), but do not allow name changes to the travellers originally booked. If there is a spelling mistake, we shall request the airlines for a name correction. The final approval will come from the airlines. Kindly make sure you always enter the correct name as stated in your passport in order to avoid any inconvenience.

How do I transfer my booking?

Airlines do not allow you to transfer your airline tickets to another traveller, you must cancel your original booking and book a new ticket.

What should I do if I changed my name since I made the flight booking?

If a female traveller booked a ticket in her maiden name (i.e. her original name before marriage) but is travelling with a new travel document that has her new married name, then she should provide a copy of her marriage certificate so that the airline can make a note of it.

Can I change the passenger name on my ticket?

Most airlines do not accept name changes after the ticket has been issued. It is sometimes possible to correct a few letters on a ticket against a fee, if the name has been misspelled. Please note that handling fees will apply when we check if the correction is possible even if the outcome is that the airline does not allow changes.

Can I correct the spelling of my name on the ticket?

In most cases, the airline will permit us to reissue the ticket at a fee should the spelling mistake be no more than 3 letters in the name. Please note that handling fees will apply when we check if the correction is possible even if the outcome is that the airline does not allow changes.

Can I travel on one flight leg and cancel the other?

You may choose to fly on your outbound flight and not use your return flight. However, this does not apply the other way around. If you don't check in for one of your flights, the airline will cancel all the remaining parts of the ticket, which will become useless. Please note that you will not get any money refunded for any parts of the ticket not used.

What happens if the airline changes its flights?

The airlines are sometimes forced to modify the itineraries, hours and number of their flights. In this case we will try to inform you for any changes before the date of departure so that you adjust your program to these changes. These changes are usually of minor importance without significant impact on your trip. If significant changes occur related to your flight (for example change in departure time for more than 2 hours or change of departure airport) and you have no alternative that suits you then you can request compensation from the airline, according to the passenger's rights established by the European Union, unless you have been informed on time by the airline.

How do I change my booking to a different airline?

Unfortunately, we cannot change your booking to another airline due to airline restrictions. However, you can cancel and rebook with your preferred airline.
Normal airline cancellation penalties of the original ticket will be applicable.
If you are booking a flight with a low-cost airline (e.g. Pegasus, Indigo, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia etc.), the ability to change your airline ticket is dependent on the airline we can help you on help you on some airlines and made but some only be done by contacting the airline directly. We can provide you with the airline's contact details.
However, if you are flying a full-service airline (such as Emirates Airlines or Egypt Air), the ability to change or cancel your airline ticket is dependent on the type of ticket you purchased. Rebooked flights must be for the same traveller and on the same airline as the original booking. Apart from the amendment charges levied by the airline, charges a cancellation fee of AED40 per passenger.
Additional charges on rebooked flights shall be calculated as below:

Difference in airfare (if the cost of your new flight exceeds your booking amount) The total cost of your change will depend on your airfare, your ticket details, and any applicable penalties or fees.
Ticket change cost example
Today's flight cost: AED 850
Minus booking amount: AED 650
Difference in airfare: AED 200
Airline change fee: AED 150 processing fee: AED 40
Total amount payable by passenger: AED 390

What do I do if I miss my flight?

Unfortunately, if you missed your flight there is no refund and you will have to book a new flight. Some airlines however may permit you to pay the difference and be on standby for the next available flight (with an applicable penalty fee). We suggest you contact the airlines as soon as you see a possibility of a delay on your way to the airport. Please also contact us so that we can assist you with changes to your booking (a missed flight penalty fee may be applicable).

How do I cancel my booking?

Unfortunately, most bookings are non-refundable with low cost airlines (such as Flynas, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia etc.). and we can help you on cancellation but in some cases can only be done by contacting the airline directly. We can provide you with the airline contact details. Usually, the airlines may provide a non-refundable, non-transferable credit shell for future use. Fortunately, with most full-service airlines (such as Emirates Airlines or Egypt Air) you can cancel flight bookings by contacting us. To cancel your flight online, you must be logged into your account. Go to 'my bookings' and select the itinerary you wish to cancel. Please be aware that some fares are non-refundable. Review your itinerary for fare rules, restrictions, and ticket cancellation fees prior to cancellation. Airlines may permit cancellation 24 hours prior to departure. Usually airlines may charge an additional 'no show' penalty if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. Apart from the cancellation charges levied by the airline, charges a cancellation fee of AED 40 per passenger (we recommend to contact us when you wish to cancel your booking)

What do I do if my flight is rescheduled?

Occasionally, airlines can make changes to their flight schedules to accommodate changes in equipment, routing, or capacity. Airlines may also make changes due to adverse weather, mechanical or crew issues. We will notify you by email if your booking is impacted by a planned airline schedule change. However, sometimes we do not receive advance notice, so we always encourage you to check your flight status 24 hours before departure. The airline will always offer a replacement flight as a result of a schedule change, but alternative flights are at the discretion of the airline and vary based on the rules associated with the fare of your ticket purchased. We will always work with the airline to find you an alternative flight as close to your original schedule as possible or a refund as per your convenience.

How do I cancel my flight?

If the airline makes a decision to cancel a specific flight or route and you are not comfortable with the new flight provided by the airlines, we shall speak with the airlines to claim a refund on your existing ticket. The refund shall be processed to the same channel that was used to book. This refund will be subject to the airlines' approval.

Will I be asked to give you more information as passport number or copy of the credit card after the payment?

Normally we won't ask you for more information other than those you give us at the check-out. In some cases we might contact you and ask for a copy of the front side of your credit card and a copy of your passport. That's usually when the passenger is different from the credit card holder or our anti-fraud indicates high risk in a certain transaction. All this data is immediately destroyed after the end of your travel.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the moment of the completion of your reservation.

How will I receive my refund?

All refunds are made back to the channel used during booking. For example, if you used your credit card, we will make an appropriate charge reversal. If you used your debit card, we will credit the money back to the debit card. Please remember that the cancellation charges along with fees, cashback, discounts availed shall be deducted from the refund amount. processes the refund to your originally used credit or debit card within 12 hours at max. However, your bank might take longer to show the amount on your card statement. In some rare instances this could take between 15-20 days. This period is beyond’s influence.

How do I pay for my booking?

You may pay by Credit/debit Card or Bank Transfer or Cash to our branches or Cash to UAE Exchange. At present, we accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. You need to enter your credit card details on our website when making your booking in order to process your payment and confirm your booking.

If you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer, please use the following bank account:

Branch: Dragon Mart 2 Branch
Bank A/C No.: 37 0756 2407 903
IBAN No: AE43 0340 0037 0756 2407 903
Swift Code: MEBLAEAD
Currency: AED

Branch: Khalidya Branch
Bank A/C No.: 00 3037 9799 061
IBAN No: AE02 0400 0000 3037 9799 061
Swift Code: NRAKAEAK
Currency: AED

Branch: Dragon Mart 2 Branch
Bank A/C No.: 01 910 0154 381
IBAN No: AE73 0330 0000 1910 0154 381
Swift Code: BOMLAEAD
Currency: AED

Branch: Dubai Branch
Bank A/C No.: 620 6361 437
IBAN No: AE47 0350 0000 0620 6361 473
Swift Code: NBADAEAA
Currency: AED

Reference: Your booking reference number and any passenger surnames sent to you in the booking confirmation. Send us your internet payment confirmation at to alert us of your payment (This is a notification to us and we will issue your ticket once the funds clear in our account). Your payment should be made immediately in order to have the quoted price guaranteed.

When do I pay for my booking?

Your payment should be made immediately or before midnight (UAE time) the same day the booking was made, in order to have the quoted price guaranteed.

I am having problems paying for my booking, can you help?

If you have trouble making the payment, please double check that you have typed in all digits (usually 16 digits), expiry date and 3 digits on back of card correctly. If all information is correctly stated, please contact your bank to make sure that the complications are not initiated on their side for example because you might have a limit for large amounts.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes. Absolutely! Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and integrity of your personal information. uses a secure connection for your booking: Your payment is processed directly through our bank partner site which uses state-of-the-art secure server technology.
We do not store your credit card information in our database and we will never ask for your credit card information through phone or e-mail.
Your personal data details are encrypted and secure.
Our website is protected with Thawte SGC-enabled SSL Certificates and displays the Thawte Secured Seal on secure pages. For more information, please check out Thawte's website

Can I pay with two different credit cards?

Yes, if you have more than one passenger and would like to pay for each ticket separately. So you could pay one ticket with one card and the other ticket with another card. however, not possible to pay one ticket partially with two different credit cards.

Do I have to bring the credit or debit card I used to pay for my flight to the airport?

It is not mandatory to carry the credit/debit card that was used to make the payment at the time of the booking.

Will I receive a receipt or invoice for payment?

You will receive an email for your payment and You can get the invoice of your booking by logging on to your account and click on the trip you want the invoice to be printed. You can view, email and print this invoice from your accounts page.

How do I use the voucher/discount code?

Copy the voucher/discount code and paste it under 'fare Details' after you select your flight. Click on 'Apply' and the discount will be applied to your fare price. Once the voucher has been successfully applied, you can click on 'continue' to complete your booking

What do I do if a booking fails?

While failed bookings are very rare, in case of an eventuality of such a case happening we shall call and assist you to confirm the booking offline. Please do not try to make any more booking attempts, as you may end up being charged twice. These are rare instances that happen when there is a huge demand for a particular seat and the time taken by the gateway exceeds the regular period. In such a scenario that seat may have been booked by another passenger resulting in a failed booking.

How do I get in touch with the airline directly?

Please refer to this list of airlines and their contact details here

How do I avoid airsickness and jetlag?

Flying internationally causes jetlag because you're crossing three time zones. Some precautions to take include: Drink plenty of water and no alcohol;
Stick with a bland diet;
Set your watch to your destination's time so, when you arrive, you can get into a normal sleeping schedule as soon as possible.

Can I bring pets onboard a flight?

If you are travelling with your pet, contact the airline to make a booking for them. Your airline might require your pet to have the following:
Collar with ID and license number
Recent certificate of good health (no older than 30 days) from your veterinarian
Rabies vaccination certificate (if travelling internationally)
Size and number restrictions:
Airlines limit the number and size of pets allowed to travel in the cabin. You can usually carry-on small pets, provided their carrier fits under the seat in front of you.
Airlines restrict the number of animals travelling in cargo, depending on the aircraft and the weather.
Additional fees: Most airlines impose fees for pets travelling in the cabin or in cargo.

What kind of documents do I need in order to travel?

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the outbound date of travel. All travellers must have individual passports including children and infants.
Visa: You must be in possession of a valid visa for countries that do not facilitate visa on arrival. You may require travel insurance and a pre-determined amount of foreign currency to qualify for a visa to certain countries. Check with the consulate of the country you're visiting to ensure what your visa requirements will be.
Transit Visa: Some countries require you to have a valid transit visa even if you’re not stopping enroute. For instance, Saudi nationals flying to Canada via any of the US airports will need to hold a valid US transit visa. Entry and transit requirements are subject to change and you are advised to check the requirements prior to travel.
Foreign currency: Check the foreign currency requirements for the country you’re visiting. Sometimes there is a minimum currency requirement and in most cases, one should be in possession of a credit card that can be used internationally.
Vaccination: The yellow fever vaccination is the only compulsory vaccination required when visiting countries in South America and Africa. This vaccination needs to be taken 10 days prior to entry in any of the yellow fever affected areas. On return to your home country, you may be asked to produce your yellow fever vaccination certification. If you don’t have one, you’ll be kept in quarantine for about 6 days.

What are the benefits of becoming a registered member of

As a registered member of, you will be entitled to savings and benefits on airfares, hotel reservations, holiday packages and car rentals, among other travel services. In addition, look forward to receiving monthly newsletters and exclusive promotions offering special deals.

I have booked my tickets online. How can I get another copy of my E-Ticket?

To view and take a printout of your E-Ticket, simply follow the steps below:
1. Log onto
2. Click on the Retrieve Booking
3. Enter your booking number EX. AFT and last name of the traveller
4. Click on search then you will find your booking.

What do I need to hire a car?

To book your car, all you need is a credit or debit card. When you pick the car up, you’ll need:
Your voucher / E-voucher, to show that you’ve paid for the car.
The main driver’s credit / debit card, with enough available funds for the car’s deposit.
Each driver’s full, valid driving license, which they’ve held for at least 12 months (often 24).
Your passport and any other ID the car hire company needs to see.
Different car hire companies have different requirements, so please make sure you check the car’s terms and conditions as well.

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

For most car hire companies, the age requirement is between 21 and 70 years old. If you’re under 25 or over 70, you might have to pay an additional fee.

Can I book a hire car for someone else?

Yes, as long as they meet these requirements. Just fill in their details while you’re making the reservation

How do I find the cheapest car hire deal?

We work with all the major international car hire brands (and lots of smaller local companies) to bring you a huge choice of cars at the very best prices. That’s how we can find you cheap car hire deals at over 53,000 locations worldwide. To compare prices and find your ideal car at an unbeatable price, just use our search form.

What should I look for when I’m choosing a car?

Space: You’ll enjoy your rental far more if you choose a car with plenty of room for your passengers and luggage.
Fuel policy: Not planning on driving much? A Full to Full fuel policy can save you a lot of money.
Location: You can’t beat an ‘on-airport’ pick-up for convenience, but an ‘off-airport’ pick-up with a shuttle bus can be much cheaper.

Are all fees included in the rental price?

The vast majority of our rentals include Theft Protection, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), local taxes, airport surcharges and any road fees. You’ll pay for any ‘extras’ when you pick your car up, along with any young driver, additional driver or one-way fees – but we’ll explain any additional costs before you book your car (and taking your own child seats or GPS can be an easy way to reduce your costs). For more details on what’s included, just check the Ts&Cs of any car you’re looking at.

What is the VAT?

Value added tax (VAT) is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at the point of sale. VAT is a form of indirect tax and is used in over 180 countries worldwide.

What are the Rates of VAT?

The standard VAT rate is 5%. Certain goods and services will be subject to zero rate or will be exempted from VAT as per the UAE law.

When The VAT will be applied?

In the United Arab Emirates, VAT is applicable as of 1st January 2018.

Where i can read the full details of VAT law?

The VAT law in the United Arab Emirates is available on the Ministry of Finance website.

What is ‘TAXES & FEES’ are including on my flight fare details ?

Third party fees such as airport tax, fuel surcharges or airline fees may apply to your booking.
Additionally, other surcharges may include a service fee that helps cover the cost of providing access to certain airlines.
These Taxes & Fees are stated separately on your flight booking cost breakdown for your reference.
VAT is the indirect tax on the consumption or use of goods and services, mandated by the UAE government


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