About easyJet

With over 100 destinations scattered around the world, easyJet is a low fare airline whose purpose is enable the passengers in any area of the world to reach his/her destination with both the best service and the highest quality.

easyJet was established in March, 1995 in Luton, United Kingdom at the London Luton Airport. It is operating across more than 30 countries. The airline prides itself on flying to more key airports and covering the most popular routes than any other airlines.

Along with easyJet Europe and easyJet Switzerland, easyJest runs more than 200 aircraft; additionally it is based in 28 areas throughout Europe.  In 2014, it was classified as the second largest airline in Europe according to the number of passengers that reached to over 65 million passengers.


Baggage information

easyJet Baggage Information

Carry-on Baggage

All passengers are allowed to bring on board one piece of baggage with no weight restrictions, not exceeding the following dimensions: 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm, including handles, wheels or any other protrusions.

Moreover, passengers who are easyJet Plus cardholder, FLEXI fare, Up Front or Extra Legroom customers are allowed to bring an extra underseat bag, such as a laptop bag or a handbag.

Checked Baggage

All passengers can buy up to three hold bags with one of the following options of baggage:

  • 15 kg, the solution for a short break
  • 23 kg, which is the standard bag
  • Up to 32 kg, which the maximum weight per bag

Noting that family or friends travelling on the same flight can pool their total weight allowance.

Online Check-in

easyJet Online Check-in

Passengers on easyJet have to check in online or they will be charged for checking in at the airport. The service is available 30 days before flight departure up to 2 hours before leaving time via the website or by using the app. To complete the online check-in, passengers will have to get their booking reference number.

The Facilities Offered to all the Classes

The company depends on dynamic pricing policy; that is, the higher the demand, the higher the cost; bearing in mind that the seat cost increases, the closer it is to the departure time

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